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Like many open-source software engineers, I have started numerous projects and abandoned the vast majority of them before they reached a usable state. Among the projects that I do consider in a usable state, here are some highlights.



  • a webpage dedicated to summarizing the various different covenant proposals and use cases



  • hal: a Bitcoin CLI swiss-army knife. A must-have for every Bitcoin developer, it helps you with decoding transactions, creating and inspecting addresses, working with PSBTs, signing and signature verification, BIP-39 & BIP-32 key derivation, working with descriptors and miniscript policies, and several other things

  • doubletake: a tool (and Rust library) to create, burn and reclaim Bitcoin double-spend bonds, see my blog post for more info


  • rust-bitcoin: not my creation, but I have made significant contributions to this awesome Bitcoin library for Rust developers. Most of my other projects and professional work woulnd't be possible without standing of the shoulders of the giants that have made this library a reality.

  • rust-bitcoincore-rpc: an RPC client library in Rust for the Bitcoin Core JSON-RPC interface

  • rust-bip39: a minimal Rust BIP-39 library with zero heap allocations